eventnut product enhancements

In recent weeks, we’ve launched a series of enhancements to the core EventNut product. These include a number of new features requested by EventNut customers, improvements to the websites you can use EventNut to build, and miscellaneous bug fixes throughout the EventNut application:

Standalone Registration Page

Now, when you create a new event using EventNut, you don’t have to create a completely new event website if you don’t want to. Our new standalone registration page feature allows you to use all of EventNut’s great ticketing and registration features, without having to build a complete website to hang them on. If you already have an event website that you’re pleased with, or if you want to incorporate your event in your organization’s main website, our new standalone registration page is for you. Use it to add EventNut’s flexible, low-fee ticketing and registration capability to any website you like.

Check-in Desk

Our latest release makes it easy to use EventNut for on-site attendee check-in, and protects all the attendee information that should be kept private during check-in, when attendee data may inadvertently be visible to others. Look for the new check-in feature in the side nav of the app, under “Attendee Lists.”

Re-use Event Subdomains

We’ve heard from lots of customers that, as they use EventNut to build second and third event websites, they’d like to be able to use the same domain name for events in the same series, regardless of whether or not they’ve used it before. Having to create a unique subdomain for every new event has been a limiting factor for multi-event customers. So we’ve fixed it. If a subdomain is already being used for your account, you can now “release” that domain name from past events to re-use it for whatever event you’re currently promoting.

Integrated Speaker & Agenda Sections on EventNut Websites

This is a small change, but an important one for the user experience EventNut websites offer event attendees. Now, if you’re on the agenda page of an EventNut website and you click on the speaker that’s listed for an agenda session, you’ll see that speaker’s bio without ever having to leave the page.

Other New Features

  • Ability to customize the presentation order of form fields on all registration pages
  • Main navigation bar no longer appears on event websites that consist of only one page
  • Day-of-event header no longer appears on agendas for single-day events
  • On the event dashboard, visitor & attendee information graphs now include a start date for the first site view and attendee registration
  • Removed EventNut branding from the headers of both standalone and event website registration pages

Bug Fixes

  • Miscellaneous navigational fixes in the EventNut app
  • UX improvements to the custom registration fields interface
  • Corrected an issue in which a ticket’s total price is presented incorrectly if both “pass fee to attendee” and a coupon code are being used
  • Fixed an alignment issue that has occasionally appeared with images on event-website speaker pages
  • Fixed issue where an event time is printing on ticket receipts even when no specific event time has been set
  • Fixed minor presentation issue with the event summary on event website home pages