eventnut product enhancements

A number of enhancements to the core EventNut product have been released recently. All of these are part of our ongoing effort to optimize EventNut usability and event-success value delivery.

New EventNut Features

  • Improved QR code functionality on event tickets, making the on-site check-in process a lot easier. (Note: This feature is not available for attendee tickets downloaded prior to the feature release on June 13, 2017.)
  • The EventNut sign-on page has been revised for greater clarity and ease-of-use

Minor Product Enhancements

  • Added a “Getting Started Tour” to help new users learn the features of EventNut
  • Updated the application UI to make editing events easier
  • Reconfigured the on-site check-in page for improved attendee check-in speed and simplicity
  • Added navigational clarity to the process of creating new events options

Bug Fixes

The following minor issues have been fixed in this release:

  • No way to set subdomain when converting registration only event to website
  • Incorrect event site link is displayed when converting a registration only event to an event website
  • Event organizer is able to save an event without a name
  • Event organizer is able to save a page without a name
  • Colors not saved properly when changing from custom theme to predefined theme
  • Text alignment issue on speaker-bio popup windows

If you have questions about any aspect of this release and how it might affect your events or your EventNut account, please contact EventNut support.