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eventnut squirrel head logoEventNut is an innovative event software company founded in 2016. We help organizations increase the success of their events by providing tools that are simple, accessible, and free of the feature-stuffing that afflicts so much of today’s commonly-available event software. We believe that all event producers should have equal access to leading-edge tools, no matter how big or how event-experienced their organization might be.

As a young company, our feature set is growing rapidly. The EventNut product roadmap aims to maximize event success in four key areas: planning & logistics, content development, event marketing, and attendee engagement.

Event-production expertise runs deep in the EventNut corporate family. Our founders are the people behind BevNET, the beverage industry’s leading media outlet. BevNET (and affiliated publications) have been producing successful industry events since 2009. The company produced thirteen successful events in 2016 alone.

eventnut expertise

Early in its history, BevNET tried to make use of the most commonly-available event management tools. (The usual suspects: you know who they are.) The price-value equation of every package they tested seemed to be out of whack. Most were overbuilt with edge-case features that drove up the price despite being unsuitable for most needs. Making matters worse, they underperformed in the areas that mattered the most. To address this, BevNET started building event software on its own.

BevNET built event management tools that focused on the important stuff, the core functionality that matters for event success. It soon became clear that BevNET’s internal tools were more effective than most commercial event software. Eventually, it made sense to offer them to the outside world. Because the tools were so streamlined and so simple, they could be offered inexpensively as well. And with that, EventNut was born.

EventNut is proud to extend our company’s unique, home-grown expertise to the event-production world at large. We’re out to make a big a impact on the success of your next event. To give EventNut a try for free, please start here.

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Brock Bair

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Our Siblings

EventNut is grateful for the opportunity to learn from and build upon the event-production and data-collection expertise that abounds throughout our corporate family.

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