When it comes to creating a great attendee experience, the badges you provide are a lot more important than you might think. A professionally designed, polished badge will make your event look professional and polished as well. And a badge that prints quickly shows your attendees that you mean business about creating a great event experience.

EventNut’s badge printing tools make it easy to create great-looking badges, and to do it with no waiting for your attendees. It’s a great way to nail a positive first impression at your event.

Event managers can choose among several well-designed badge templates, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each template is 100% customizable. You can populate badge content using custom text and images, or by automatically pulling data from your attendee database as attendees check in.

EventNut Badge Templates

EventNut badge templates work seamlessly with our online ticketing and registration functionality, as well as with our on-site check-in tools. They’re really simple to use, and they’ll make your event look more polished and professional than ever before.

Both the templates and the badge-printing tool were designed with the event check-in process specifically in mind. Because our badges work with dedicated desktop label printers, attendees will be able to move through check-in more quickly and efficiently than you might expect. This is because dedicated badge printers allow for queued on-demand printing. When you use an EventNut badge template along with a dedicated badge printer, attendees won’t have to wait for others to check in before they can collect their badge. Check in an attendee, print his badge: simple as that.

Custom badge printing is free for all EventNut-published events.