EventNut pricing is simple: It’s almost completely free. You can use our website builder for free. We’ll host your website for free. You can use all of our event registration features for free. Our event marketing tools are free as well.

There’s no catch to our almost-free pricing, and it’s easy to create an account and get started today.

eventnut pricing - low-fee event ticketing

EventNut Pricing: “Almost” Completely Free?

There is one thing we charge for. If you sell tickets through your EventNut website, we charge ticketing fees. All ticketing companies do. Our fees are lower than just about anybody else in the event-ticketing business.

Also, we only charge you for the tickets you sell. If your tickets are free, you can use our ticketing features for free, too.

Current pricing/fees for selling paid tickets on an EventNut site are:

Eventnut ticketing fees (paid tickets only)

  • 1% of the purchase price of each ticket sold, plus
  • $1 for each ticket sold
  • Cap on total fee per ticket: $10

Outside payment processing fees

To sell paid tickets using EventNut, you’ll need to connect to an outside credit card processing company. We make this easy to do. The reason we handle payment processing like this is simple. EventNut isn’t involved in the financial transaction between you and your attendees.

You can choose either PayPal or Stripe as your EventNut payment processor. Payment processing companies charge transaction fees of their own. As of February 2017, both PayPal and Stripe charge the same fees per credit card transaction: 2.9% and $0.30. EventNut pricing is identical no matter which processor you choose.

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