EventNut’s pricing is super-easy to understand, for the simple reason that EventNut is almost completely free to use. The only thing we charge for is selling tickets, and even then, we only charge if you’re charging for your tickets, and not giving them away for free. If your event is free, it’s completely free to use every bit of EventNut. In any case, our ticketing fees are still the lowest in the online ticketing industry. See our ticketing FAQ for full details.

There’s no catch to our pricing model. We don’t hold back features for users that are using our tools for free. All of our capabilities (other than ticket sales) are completely available to any event manager who wants to use them. We want you to use our tools. We want to help you create a better experience for your attendees.

EventNut Pricing Details

Tool Standard Price
On-Site Electronic Check-In FREE!
Custom Badge Printing FREE!
VIP Attendee Arrival Alerts FREE!
Custom Attendee Data Collection FREE!
Online Ticket Sales Industry-low online ticketing fees (see FAQ)
Instant-Cash Payment Processing FREE!
Online Publishing & Promotion FREE!
Ongoing Web Hosting FREE!
Attendee Email Campaigns FREE!