A great check-in process actually starts several months before your event. To be sure check-in goes well, you have to lay some groundwork right when you start planning. Check-in success depends on a properly-structured approach to ticketing and registration. That’s why our check-in tools include everything you need to do a great job selling tickets online.

There are three important steps in implementing online ticketing. First, you need to establish a web page or website from which to sell your tickets. Then, you need to set up payment processing, so you can accept payments for your tickets. And of course, you have to create the tickets themselves. EventNut makes doing all of this quick and easy.

1.  Publish Your Event Online

You can’t sell tickets online without a web page or website to sell them from. Use EventNut’s simple web publishing tool to get your online box office up and running quickly.

Keep things simple with a standalone ticketing and registration page, or go further and create a complete website for your event.

Our drag-and-drop web builder will help you get your event online in less than an hour. If you’re just creating a standalone registration page, it won’t even take as long as that. Create a desktop version of your site or page, and we’ll add a mobile/tablet version automatically. No technical or design skills are required o use our web builder tools.

Best of all, you can use our event website builder for free, even if you choose not to sell tickets on your site. The tool itself is completely free to use, and there are no hidden costs, either. We’ll host your page or website for free for as long as you’d like to keep it active.

Full event websites include:

  • Complete event agenda

  • Speaker bios

  • Venue information

  • Sponsor information

  • Ticket sales

  • Registration data capture

  • Social sharing

see a sample website

2.  Set Up Payment Processing

To accept ticket payments, you need to set up an account with one of our payment processing partners. We don’t process ticket payments ourselves.You can choose to use either Stripe or PayPal as your payment processor for ticket sales. No matter which you choose, we make the process easy. Connect to your existing Stripe or PayPal account – or create a new one – in a couple of minutes, all from the admin tab in your EventNut account.

The difference between the two processors is simple. Stripe is a credit-card only processor. It allows you to accept attendee payments using any major credit card.

PayPal also allows you to accept credit cards, but the process is a touch more involved than with Stripe. Using PayPal also provides attendees the ability to buy tickets using their PayPal accounts. Best of all, when you use PayPal, your revenue received hits your account instantly. Revenue takes a couple of days when you’re using Stripe.

Whichever payment processor you use, traditional credit card processing fees will still apply. As of today*, Stripe and PayPal charge identical fees: 2.9% of the ticket price + $0.30 per transaction. EventNut allows you to pass these fees along to attendees if you prefer. To learn more about EventNut ticketing and all associated fees, please see our event ticketing FAQ.

3.  Create Your Tickets

EventNut makes it easy to create as many types of tickets as you need for your event. You can create a mix of free and paid tickets, or you can create tiered ticket pricing. Essentially, you can create any kind of ticketing structure you like. Create short-term promotional events by customizing on-sale dates for a particular ticket type. You can create coupon codes and discounts that tie to specific ticket types as well.

Selling tickets is the one thing in our entire set of event tools we charge for. But we only charge when you’re actually selling tickets. If your tickets are free for attendees, then you can use our ticketing features for free as well. Even if your tickets are paid, we’re committed to keeping our ticketing fees as reasonable as possible. In fact, our ticketing fees are the lowest you’ll find anywhere. For comparison’s sake, we usually charge about half what Eventbrite would for similar ticketing services.

To learn more about EventNut ticketing and all associated fees, please see our event ticketing FAQ.

Attendees receive tickets in PDF form, presented in a clean, professional event-ticket design. Each ticket contains a custom barcode for electronic check-in. All the technical stuff happens automatically, behind the scenes. There’s literally nothing you have to do to ensure you have the most polished, professional ticketing process around.

*  September 22, 2017