Every free EventNut website comes with simple, flexible event ticketing and registration baked right in. If your event is free, you can use our ticketing and registration features for free as well. We only assess fees when you’re actually selling your tickets to attendees.

EventNut is committed to keeping our ticketing fees as reasonable as possible. In fact, our event ticketing fees are the lowest you’ll find anywhere.

About Our Event Ticketing Fees

eventnut online event ticketingHere’s how our ticketing fees work. For every ticket you sell through EventNut, we’ll assess a fee of $1 + 1% of the price of the ticket. Remember, we only charge you for the tickets you sell. If your tickets are free, you won’t owe us a penny. And if your tickets are expensive, we’ve still got your back, thanks to our $10 per-ticket cap on fees. Take a look around the web and compare our rates. You’ll soon see, our ticketing fees are the lowest in the industry. (More questions? Check out the event ticketing FAQ below.)

Save Nearly 50% vs. Other Providers

Let’s compare our fees to the industry average using a hypothetical event with 500 attendees and a ticket price of $100. As you can see below, this event’s organizers would pay 43% less with EventNut! (And they’d get a better free event website to boot.)

eventnut logo low-fee event ticketing

Tickets sold: 500
EventNut per-ticket fee: $1
Ticketing total:$500

Ticket revenue (@ $100 each): $50,000
EventNut service fee: 1%
Service fee total:$500

Total EventNut cost:$1,000

Our fees are 43% lower.

Other Ticketing Companies

Tickets sold: 500
Typical per-ticket fee: $0.99
Ticketing total:$495

Ticket revenue (@ $100 each): $50,000
Typical service fee: 2.5%
Service fee total:$1,250

Total cost:$1,745

Others cost about $745 more.

Event Ticketing FAQ

Yes. You can create as many different ticket types as you need. You can create a mix of free and paid tickets, or you can create different ticket pricing tiers. Our event ticketing platform is flexible enough that you can essentially create any kind of ticketing structure you like.
There are no fees for free tickets. You can use all EventNut features for free when you host a free event. For paid events, our service fees are $1 + 1% of the ticket price, with a cap of $10 per ticket. As of February 2017, these are the lowest ticketing fees you’ll find online.
To process ticket payments from attendees, you can choose to use either PayPal or Stripe. EventNut uses Authorize.net to process our ticketing fees to you, via your credit card.
You can choose to use either PayPal or Stripe to accept ticket payments from attendees. With either of these processors, attendees can use a credit card to purchase tickets. (If you choose PayPal as your processor, attendees can also pay via their PayPal accounts.)

For credit card purchases, Stripe and PayPal charge identical credit card processing fees: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Using EventNut, you can choose to pay these fees yourself, or you can pass them on to your attendees.

Yes. You can choose to pay credit card processing fees and EventNut ticketing fees yourself, or you can pass them on to your attendees. Please note: if you choose to pass your fees on to your attendees, the fees will be charged initially to your credit card on file. You will then be reimbursed by the credit card processor you’re using (Stripe or PayPal) when the attendee is charged.
Ticket revenue and reimbursed fees (if you opt to pass fees onto your attendees) will be deposited to your bank account by your chosen credit card processor (Stripe or PayPal) within two business days. Please note: the first transfer you receive may take up to 7 days.

If you use PayPal for payment processing, attendees can purchase tickets using either their credit card or their own PayPal account. If you use Stripe for payment processing, attendees can purchase tickets using their credit card.

Credit card acceptance is a function of the payment processor you’re using. Currently, both PayPal and Stripe allow event ticket purchasers to use any of the major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

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